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December 31, 2018
Gear Reducer of MZ Center Driving Grinder
December 31, 2018

Gear Reducer of Lmx Vertical Type Grinder


Using and features

Gear reducer of Imx vertical type grinder had adopted to maag, flender and zhuyou etc. foreign company technologyand our design manufactured experiences of hard flank of tooth for many years, we have made a series of products, the Max Power 5000KW. It can meet the equipment requirements of 10000t/d new-type dry cement power


Technology charateristic


  1. Apply to building material, electric power and metallurgy etc. industry widely


  1. Conformation: it is drived by a bevel planetary gear. The gear reducer and grinder have worked together by connected the output flange to grinding table for transfering torque and have carried the pressure from grind roll at the same time.The pressure of vertical grinder is transferred to base directly by a axial thrust bearing and a symmetrical cylinder reducer boxe safely and reliable.


  1. The design of gear, shaft and gearbox is equilibrium distribution. The design of gearbox is a cylinder firmly, processing precision high and rigidity distribution equal. The main components have done finite element analyse.


  1. Bevel gear pairs have adopted KLEENEGENBELE gear system, all gears are made by advanced high grade alloy steel and carburizing and quenching process, the sun and planetary gears have adopted fit form technology and a grit blasting of strengthen gear root.


  1. The defect detecting test of all gears had been done for rough material and finishing machining. The ultrasonic detection had been done for main welding seams of the gearbox and planetary frame. The advanced welding facility and technics are used to insure the high strength and rigidity for the gearbox and planetary frame


  1. The life of all roll bearings is more than 80000 hours


  1. Adopted lubricating system of dynamic and static pressures for running safely and reliably.


  1. Adopted noncontact machinery seals, no leakage and no replaced


  1. The characteristic of the gear reducers is small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, smooth running and long life etc.. the main technology performance has achieved the advanced level of international the same products at present.
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