Impact Crusher vs. Cone Crusher
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July 9, 2019
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Similar to the secondary crushing, the definite reason between the Cone crusher and the impact crusher are the structure and principle of crushing. Both aspects are easy to grasp. An impact crusher supplier uses impact energy to split down materials. During operation, the rotor is driven by motor drives at a rapid pace. When the material is accessed in the action area of the hammer, it is broken via hammer’s high-speed impact.

In the cone crushing process, the cone is laminated and split; motor drives the eccentric rotation through a drive shaft the pair of bevel gear. Now, cone axis performs rotary pendulum movement under the eccentric sleeve’s force, which makes the mantle surface near the concave; sometimes away from the hollow.

There exist so many differences between both types of crushing techniques:

Application Material

Both impact crusher and cone crusher can perform the function of secondary crushing machines. However, the stiffness of the broken or split materials remains the same. Typically, the Cone crusher supplier mainly cracks some stuff with a high level of stiffness. The materials include tuff, basalt, river pebble, and granite.

The impact crusher uses less hardness technique to crush the materials, like limestone. Generally, the impact crusher is best suited for smashing medium stiffness alongside below the toughness level and brittle materials. On the contrary, Cone crusher is suitable to break hard materials.

Granule Discharging

The size of any discharged material crushed by the two crushing technique is not the same. As a general concept, the Cone crusher has the capacity of producing thinner stiff as compared to impact crusher. In the case of real production, more cone crushers are being used for beneficiation. Besides, cone crushers are utilized in construction projects and building materials.

Finished types of Grains

In the case of a finished product, impact crusher is superior to a cone crusher. Finished product via impact crusher has fewer edges and more powder. In contrast, the finished product from cone crusher got a more needle-like appearance. The overall shape is not perfect comparatively.


In comparison with impact crusher supplier, an impact crusher manufacturer provides its product with tremendous output, stable production, and low energy consumption, etc. Cone crusher is preferred in high-yield production projects.


Investment by a Cone crusher supplier is higher than an impact crusher manufacturer. However, in the long-term, cone crusher saves more cost than an impact crusher.

Last Word

Both types of machinery have separate pros and cons. It depends upon your project type and scale.

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